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Before I got married I had already set myself to understand that the “I” I used to cherish so much would be morphed into a “We”, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still struggle with putting my own needs and desires aside sometime to come to a mutual agreement with my husband.

Sometimes you will have to compromise on small things…

For example, a few days ago my mother and I were shopping for new furniture for my and my husband’s new townhouse. We went to several stores and found some items that would look great in my downstairs living room. I was so excited to have some new furnishings because (as you females know) having a sparse and vacant living space is not comfortable. I couldn’t wait to get home and arrange our new findings into a cozy, relaxing display.

When my husband saw the new treasures, he noticed that “my” items would look spectacular in his upstairs “Mancave” (which we later named “Our Office”). At first, I was hesitant. Afterall, me and MY mother went out to hunt for this stuff and if I gave it all to him I would be right back down to the beige carpet and would have to start my shopping adventure all over again. I had to admit, however reluctantly, that the furniture did match his new office desk perfectly and would look great upstairs. I decided after going back and forth in my mind that I would let Hubby take the furniture upstairs. Later that day he moved all of it and the “Manca….Office” looked amazing! And boy was he happy. He thanked me so many times and I could tell by his face that he was so very proud of how the room turned out. So, in turn, that made me happy. If compromising my furniture will put a smile on his face, I am willing to do that. Besides, now I get to shop some more.


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